This just in.. From B0WSER NEWS

This just in, Riots break out across the world over a new hit game called RUST.
Just a few minutes ago the Creator of Rust, Garry, announced that he would be sending out Five golden keys hidden within chocolate bars across the world. The finder of one of these elusive keys will have the power to access the exclusive Alpha World of Rust and earn a lifetime supply of rusty axe’s to fight the encroaching zombie horde alongside non-other then the almighty esteemed Sir.Garry himself.
Will civilization survive this epidemic of Golden Key hunters or will this signal the End of Humanity as we know it and bring about the apocalypse that we all strive to join??
Stay tuned for future updates on The Hunt For The Golden Keys.


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“Daddy, I want a golden ticket.”
“We’ll get you a golden ticket as soon as we get home darling.”
“But daddy I want a golden ticket nnnnooooooooowwwwwwwwwww.”

Thats what I was going for, Stevarius :v:
The world sure is going crazy for access to the alpha for this game, I’m also very interested :wink:
Rust is like Dayz cross with Minecraft’s crafting system, Which looks awesome.
I hope i can get to play Rust instead of having to wait for the Dayz standalone to come out. :dance:

Willy Wonka :smiley:

You’re so smart!