This last update rules

As someone who has been playing since early in the legacy days, I have to say that this latest update is amazing. The terrain improvements have really transformed the game and tweaked the entire dynamic of survival. It’s not perfect (bears are easier & more efficient to hunt than deer, for example), but it has come a long, long way. Even if you’re dumped onto an established server with lots of built-up player, the new terrain makes it far more plausible to build a hideaway base so you can build up.

My wife and I logged at least 30 hours playing between Friday night and Sunday night. Anyone who pulls the old “but legacy was so much better” card going forward simply hasn’t played the current branch. It’s not just a replacement for legacy, it’s a whole new game.

well, theres no pleasure if u cant get at least 30-40 fps on a very decent laptop

i have asus republic of gamers witch has core i7 2800mhz, 12 gb ram and nvidia gtx560m 3gb ram and i cant get more than 20 fps…

yes the new update is stout love the rocks can do without the billy goat animals though

Yes, the ONLY downside of Rust is that you need a super-computer to run it. Anything more than a couple of years old will really struggle. That said, I’ve clocked up nearly 1,500 hours on my “average” computer, so I’m really not complaining…

Did you set all settings to LOW?

Well that’s strange, in “Fantastic” graphics i can reach almost 50 fps without any problem (AMD FX-8320 and Sapphire R9 270X 2GB)
Consider that making a Unity game like this takes a lot of effort for the PC, unfortunately, it’s a heavy graphic engine, but still, they made a lot of progresses since the start of Experimental. I suggest to just wait and see what will happen. (BTW, i’m not saying it’s smooth to play, my GPU goes to 70C° everytime i play, it’s not a big problem, for sure, i admit this still needs some fixes)

the funny thing is that if i chose simple or good graphics i get about 20-25 fps and if i chose fast or fantastic i get about 5-10 fps. and i cant really understand it

You don’t understand why you get higher FPS on lower graphics settings?

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Same here on my 8320E / R9 280. Though I’ve noticed that since the update, the game crashes about every 15-20 minutes on Fantastic.

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You don’t understand why you get higher FPS on lower graphics settings?

yes, i dont understand why i get 10 fps on fastest and 30 fps on simple\good graphics. care to explain?

re-read max, he said he gets lower fps rates on the lowest settings than on the mid-range ones;)

Well, the part where he said “fast or fantastic” instead of “fast or fastest” probably threw me off.

Go in to your power settings options and make sure the game isnt using your on-board video. Make sure it is using your GPU.