"This looks bad" -marine in a tunnel

Well this is something I did while I was at a lack of an internet connection.


Yes I like Starcraft.

Original: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6568966/gm_reaction0000.jpg

C&C please.

The streams of light make it difficult to focus on a particular object or character and the contrast is too high. I would have added some additional in-game lights of complementary colors.

I don’t understand a word you just said uberslug, but if you mean the light color looks off, then yes.

Good posing by the way.

He means there is no focus on the image, the light is stopping your eyes focusing on a set point on the picture to look at making it confusing.

Grabbing words from the time I used to do sigs - there’s no flow to the picture. None of the lines brings you to any kind of focal point, instead they actually seem to bring you away from intended ones.

When I take a look at the picture, my eyes almost instantly travel to the area somewhere slightly above the ghosts head. And there’s a few other “empty” hotspots in the picture.

Alright I’ll work on centralization, and on the lighting, thanks. :3 First time I got real C&C since 05. :stuck_out_tongue: