This makes no sense (TTT)

So I am working on a weapon in TTT.

I try to spawn it and I get this:

] give weapon_clustergrenade
Attempted to create unknown entity type weapon_clustergrenade!
NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!

It won’t let me spawn it! I am typing in the name of the folder correctly. I don’t see why it wont spawn. It isn’t even in the C menu.

Any reasons why it wouldn’t spawn?

You can’t give TTT weapons to people.

You can if you have an admin addon…

There’s probably some critical error in your code that prevents the weapon from loading.

Check the entity you made, it looks like you might have spelled one of the two wrong, so when the weapon goes to call the entity, it won’t find it.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Tried error checking and a bunch of stuff. Even spawning it through Evolve. Neither fixed it D: .

Thanks for try to help anyway!