"This may sting a bit..." The Princess of Outworld going on a rampage in the L4D-Realm


The pose seems off, She doesn’t seem to hold her tight and zoey could avoid the hit without even trying. It’s like an assasin killed the other 3 and fed zoey with drugs so that an amateur eye glowing fool could kill her.

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Also, since the others were killed by a blade there should be a big blood loss, therefore blood splatters all over them.

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Last but not least, bills right leg is colliding with francis shoulder.

Yeah I forgot to add blood to the corpses. Couldnt really think of a different pose though since the camera angle was really hard to do.

She should grab zoey from the neck, now that’s hard to struggle with.

Alright thanks.
Fuck the clipping is too big too fix.

Problems mentioned aside, I really love the colors and lighting. Good depth of field as well.

I was pretty tired when I made this I guess thats how errors like the big arse clipping were able to happen.

it’s nice and all.

awh… i want to pose badass meleena poses to :rolleyes:

jpeg_quality 5

Pfft. I have jpeg_quality 100, and that still doesn’t help the fact that I’m a mediocre poser at best.

i love this image
but poor Louis :smith:

Zoey will be the last one for survivor shishkebab.

Nice pic :smiley:
What’s the model of that girl, that trying to kill Zoey?

jpeg_quality 100

Mileena from Mortal Kombat, she will be released shortly in a huge pack.

This is awesome in so many ways i can’t even tell.

But also makes me sad about still not having Mileena…

Distracted by tits