This might sound odd but...

I need a confidence boost for Gmod. Ever since I started playing Gmod (Which was a year or two ago) I’ve pretty much stayed in Single player because The first server I ever went to was filled with jerks (I wanted to know how to open doors and they wouldn’t tell me. All they did was call me a noob. I had to find out myself.)

Not only that, but I don’t have Counter Strike Source, and I know a lot of maps use textures from the game, so I can’t use a lot of maps, and I see a lot of those maps that I can’t play when I look at the servers.

I also don’t want to join because I don’t have wiremod, and I don’t know how to get it, and I know almost every server uses it.

I also don’t want to join because I like to use a lot of the props and ragdolls I have, and I can’t tell which ones I can use and which ones I can’t use in multiplayer.

I still want to go into servers and interact with other people, but with all of these problems, I’m just too nervous to even learn more about the Gmod community. I was nervous just from typing out this post. Can someone at least help me gain more confidence?

Man up and join a vanilla server. Have fun, learn how to do stuff, read the wiki. It’s not that hard; if you can’t interact with people in a VIDEO GAME then you’re not the kind of person who should have internet.

Easy for you to say. You didn’t have the kind of experience I had the first time.

Everyone did, because there always has been and always will be idiots who think their cool for trolling little kids. Get over it. It’s the internet.

I know it’s very annoying, but “Wire” and “PHX” are a must to install when it comes to multiplayer.

  1. I’m not a little kid.
  2. I know that it’s the internet.
  3. There are people in this world who can’t get over things as easily as you. I’m one of them.

Where can I get Wire?

You play Roblox.


And Pokémon.

  1. I don’t play Roblox.
  2. So what if I play Pokemon?

Something tells me that this was a bad idea…

Stop being a douchebag and be helpful.

If you want Wire, you’ll have to download a program called “Toroise SVN.”

Go to this thread and look at the second post. It should help you out:

At least someone is helping.
Unfortunately, I tried to download it and it didn’t work. I kept getting an error that won’t let me download it.

What is the error? When you get an error post it.

The error is just those errors that appear when you don’t have a texture.

Try visiting the official Wire website perhaps, not going to link you, Google it and stop being so hostile.

Did you make a folder called wire in your addons? And use svn checkout on that?

Oh. No. I thought I just had to use SVN checkout on addons.

What do you mean by Hostile? And why will you not give me a link?

Well I hope I helped you Krandel. You do the samething for PHX.

did you follow the damn Wire-SVN Guide?

There’s a Wire-SVN guide?

EDIT: I just tried it again and I got this error:
Can’t connect to host ‘’: No connection could be made because the
target machine actively refused it.

Oh that one? That one didn’t really help me out.