This model I DL'd has messed up textures, anyone know the right filepaths?

So I downloaded this Cop ragdoll for something I was making, and it’s purple and black…Here’s the link:

Also, it’s in a pack called Police Pack V3, found at:

In each download, the textures have different filepaths. (like in PPV3, they are in humans/nypd/ and in the first download, they are in models/players/elis/po/ )

Anyone know the proper folders in which these texture files should be placed?

Not in this tone young man!!!

I don’t know about modelling, but I know about texturing, so I assume you’ve either edited the .vmt file, causing the file path to be wrong, put the texture in the wrong folder or you don’t have the textures.

Locate the .vmt file, open it up, look at the directory and put the textures in the appropriate file.

If it says texture name, put it in your materials folder, if it says police/texture name, put it in materials/police.