This new update is realy bad for my Gigabyte Radeon R9 290 OC 4GB (burning hot)

Before the latest patch (no dev) I could run this game at 70C with 3 fans blowing some nice cool air down to the GPU for hours.
After the latest update it goes up to 88C (after5min), burning up my GPU, that even on the lowest settings, and yes F2 in-game as well turned down.
Running on Amsterdam server.

Specs are:

Windows 8.1
i7 5820K Octa at 3.3GHz (OC 3.6)
16 GB DDR4
Gigabyte Radeon R9 290 OC 4GB DDR5

So in general, specs are overkill for this game.
Will try again next week to see if it is better, but I hope FP and Garry can note this and look into it.
And before anyone says it, yes maybe time to mount a Corsair cooler on the GPU.

have you tested other games as well?

silly question but could be something else

better safe than sorry is all!

Turn on vsync. See if that helps.

that’s another thing too

too many frames that are way above your monitors Hz, GPU is just processing wasted frames

Yes, I have tested some games on Ultra and they run fine.

Will recheck that, will be back with an update.

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Running fine now it seems with Vsync turned on, so there was one small thing I did forget.
Temp seems normal at 60-65C.
Thanks for the help, thread can now be closed.

Your card was attempting to draw as many frames as possible; games in alpha may not have working framerate limiters, and this can overheat cards and cause shutdowns.

Vsync forces it to 60fps, essentially putting a speed limit.

fps.limit 64 in console

i give a few over so it doesn’t drop below 60, but if you notice screen tearing just lower it to 60

Thanks, trying that now. Seems in heavy forrest that it might go up a little. Thanks again, this might be the thing I also needed to restrict it from unlimited (-1).

Not seen any tearing on my 60Hz BENQ 24" monitor, but it seems the new textures is trying to rip my card a new one.