"This place is eerie, but somewhat beautiful." Russian Soldiers Walking Through a Post-Apocalyptic City

Just a Super DOF test with minor editing. And I always wanted to do a scenebuild, so I figured I’d better do one before I get out of this “Garry’s Mod phase” of mine.

Posings good, DoF is okay. The building on the right doesn’t work well with the other one. Could use a little bit more. Otherwise its pretty good. Nice job.

Russian soldier with a G36

Wow I thought it was a whole map itself. Then I saw the 2nd picture. Well done.

He’s playing CoD

I’ll assume people rated Funny because of no outside-game editing at all - I see nothing wrong with it (Except for the blandness of the maps lighting), I like it.

It looks like you duplicated the first two guys, if not then whatever but it looks odd because they are in the same position. and you can see the grass line pretty well. The stuff about DOf was said, other than that it looks ok to me.

The second pic ruined the feeling :3

Too bad, the second pic was pretty obvious it’s to show what the scenebuild looks like outside the proper camera angle for the screenshot