This place is so beautiful

C&C please
click here if you want: (if a cannot put this tell it to me and i will delete the link)

The posing is a little…odd.


watch a live-action film, then look at your picture. do you think the people in the film posed similarly to the ragdolls in this image?

that’s what people mean when they say that your posing looks “off” or “odd”, they’re saying it looks unrealistic and stiff.

Oh lawdy, that posing could use some work.

Where all Unicorns?

Thanks really thanks I will improve my possing

Wait a minute, is that a female Spartan?

yes :D(I think)

Is it a private model, or have I not looked hard enough for it?

Is the gmod 13 spartan using the bodygroup changer

I may suggest that you should work on your camera angle mate.

That tree is grotesque

That tree is on the map