This rebel's time is up... or is it?

This rebel’s time is up:

Or is it?:

just made these on gm_bigcity in about 30 mins not exactly my best but its not bad either.

(I’m not that good at faceposing yet)

Omg sharpen it rapes!!!

Why did he throw his gun off the building?

Also sharpen rape.

He’s trying to reach his weapon… and then it fell off the edge… and also I don’t know why I had sharpen on… I have another pic without sharpen:

Don’t sharpen your images, it always looks horrible. Rather try using DOF.

Actually, his time is up. By the time the rebel reaches the pistol, the rebel that is trying to escape will get owned.

I did for some reason I guess just the angle I was facing just made it look like nothing changed… plus I don’t know how to use DOF that well…

ok edit never mind I used bloom not DOF I’ve never used DOF in my life…

Why do people keep using “… or is it” in their thread titles ? A new bandwagon ?

“Take the gun Johnny! RUN!”

The leg the hunter is keeping in the air looks fucked up and you can see the hud in the second pic.

ya I know I kept the hud in and purposely lowered my health to 6 so I could say make it seem he was close to death. and the hunter is about to swing and stab him… hunters are hard to pose and make it look right too.