This section is nothing but wasteland of it's former glory.

This section has been utterly deserted of what made it great, roleplayers. You will not find one here to save your life anymore, nobody left in this section will never grasp the true concept, to them this is just a support line for their dumbass deathmatch servers. Sure, there is the ocassional roleplayer dropping by to see how things are. But odds are, it’s nothing more than an arrogant twat with an inferiourity complex..

These days, I doubt anyone here can explain it’s definition.

Wasteland is indeed a good term for what’s left. Because all civilized lifeforms have been wiped out, meaning it’s remains is ignorant and fundementally stupid. It’s as if great gamemodes such as DarkRP could be compared to a beatiful woman, captured and used by what still remains after the disaster, turned into nothing more than a tool for their uncomprehencable stupidity, a sobbing wretch that no self-respecting individual would go near. Most technologies lies broken, such as cakescript and LightRP. Great communities have been utterly reduced, such as TnB, PERP and Necropolis. Everything once treasured and valued by it’s former inhabitants are now gone.

I know most people reading this thread are most likley going to be offended, and are also too dumb to bring any valid statements to counter mine, and therefore call me a troll. Well, by all means, do so, because as we all know, where no civilized individuals remains, nobody has the right to a free opinion.

However, I’m not sure how many people still familiar by it’s real concept are still around. But if so, I do miss when this place had a purpose, and, if you’re reading this, I’d like to wish you all good luck, hopefully the most of you have found a better path.

Maybe some day people will come to their senses, and things will be restored. Allthough, judging from the average vast judgementalism and self-distance, I kind of doubt it.

I totally agree.
The only scripts that people add to their servers are the ones that they think is “kewl” such as SPIDER MAN JOB LOLZ
The only maps that people play are fucking downtown and evocity, which are both the most horrible maps to ever come to this game. I have only come across like 2 dark rp servers that aren’t filled with dumbasses, jobs like “thief” and “spiderman”, and don’t have FUCKING DOWNTOWN OR EVOCITY. And those 2 servers were pratically empty. The non-darkrp RP communities died down due to being infested from mingebags immigrating from their dark rp servers.

I would have a server devoted to quality RP, building, nice maps (like rp_suo or rpconstructv1), well constructed scripts, and jobs that are necessary, not retarded ones, but I’m too young.

Now this wasteland is filled with stupid dark rp servers using retarded scripts hosted by dumbasses and trouble in terrorist town servers. There has been a rise in French servers, which aren’t filled with idiots, but unfortunately, I don’t speak French. I respect these French servers. There are also servers that host the PERP gamemode, but these servers only have stolen stuff. They also don’t have the same feel as PERP. I have been playing G-mod for a year and a half, and in the time I’ve played, I’d have to say that the golden age was April-May '09.

Stop making these dumb rants. Your contributing to the drama involved in this section.

Calm down. It’s just Garry’s Mod.

This man needs a smart rating.

Have a Artistic sign.

Here’s a solution.
Lets start making better servers.
Slowly walks out

Okay let me be serious. If I could. I would make a server and actually do a good job. But sadly…I can’t. And after my experiences with rp servers, it’s simple to say that the people who start these servers seem to sabotage them themselves.

And so he speaks the truth

If i can fully fix GmodRP i might return the classic Gmod RP’ing

I tried… Not much wrong with it assep for a few lua errors, but Slob left it in somewhat a, “Derp” form.

“Slob” and “derp” in the same sentence reminds me of when I went on the official GmodRP server.

Meh. I had some good, and bad times there.

My best time was roleplaying the MB-3 Disease though.

Sadly, I missed all the fun stuff like that. I blame time zones. Just linking for infinite loop. And because of my similar opinions. :smiley:

Rate Informative. :v:

I agree!

Edit: No wait I don’t…

Really, I am just wondering why there is even a forum for roleplaying now since it is just filled with people filled up with rage or nostalgia.

So which one of us is the alligator on crack in the middle?

Me, of course. Or… am I?

Either way, I’ll probably just check on this thread as days go by, and it fills up with rage and flame, and then Vinze strolls out of the thread, being a satisfied troll. Protip: Stop taking the bait, and he’ll leave the RP section alone.

On one final note, you sure put a lot of feminism into your threads, Vinze. If you like women so much, why not get a sex change like Lady Gaga? :frog: