This seems well defended.

I tried to get inside, was such a bitch and I didn’t succeed.

What would you recommend? C4s?

I wonder how the people who built that get in and out…

Maybe someone got pissed at that person and placed those around that persons’ house lol.

They don’t…

thats what they call admin abuse

just chop it down, 121 swings with a hatchet
or 60 if they are small spiked walls

Drop a large crate and a barricade one one side, jump over. Place the same on the other side so you can get out. Run up, build a tower, jump across to the roof and work your way down with charges. Or just start from the bottom and work your way up :slight_smile:

It is very doable with only a few people in quick order.

I built a 14 story tower over two and a half weeks with a wide base without duping or getting a single object from the admins. I did the majority of the resource gathering and had occasional help from two buddies. Was helped by some very profitable raiding but I hate the fact that people always claim abuse or duping when they see an impressive structure.

The only time I call BS is when I see way too much C4, that stuff is not easy to craft and even with some great raids the most I have ever had at one time was 40.

Please don’t encourage abusing exploits.

Not really an exploit, it is just platforming. You could accomplish the same thing by building foundation, four pillars and a wood staircase and jump over the same obstacle. An exploit is using a bug to your advantage, this is just common sense.

Exploiting is using software in ways it was not intendedto be used. This is no exception, because the barricadesweren’t built to be climbed on, could be wrong though.

People like you need to gtfo from the rust community.

No. The objects you place can be walked on and crates can be jumped on. You build siege towers to get into peoples bases, this is another form of it that requires less resources. I never have any lucky jumping up on to the barricade but you can do it. It is not exploiting in the slightest. If you were using them to glitch through the spikes, that is an exploit.

As was mentioned, the more involved way is to just build a 1-2 story staircase on the outside. and then again on the inside and it achieves the same thing. If you think it is exploiting then use grenades to blow up the spikes or charges if you want to go through more resources.

true story brah

What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Maybe you need to learn to read or something. Maybe look up the word comprehension perhaps? Maybe troll less and contribute more. I know it’s probably outside of your limited scope of reality but please… please give it a crack. You might even educate yourself.

On topic… it is not abuse.

That simple enough for you?

What? How is building something to get over a barricade an exploit or unrealistic? When you come to a wall in real life you need to get over do you just go “Welp, thats it, can’t do anything here! Best give up!” obviously you look for a way to get over it. (or around it but in this context that is not possible) theres nothing wrong with using a box or some sort of wooden shit to get over an obstacle. Also, that description of exploit is pretty vague.

my instinct tells me that exploiting requires a bug, something not intended but happens to be in the game because of how the code works.

my instinct also tells me that crates and barricades were designed to be solid objects, so being able to stand on a crate or barricade is not a bug because they are meant to be solid.

and if standing on a crate or barricade is not a bug, it is not an exploit to use them to climb over shit

Good point.

I ended up just leaving the area, I had no C4 to get inside even if I did try and get over it.