This shit is rediculous

Seriously, look at this:

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title, 'rediculous', don't make new threads if you know there was already other threads on this" - postal))

So sure, it looks a bit weird but just don’t join those servers.

He’s mostly talking about how pirate servers can show up on steam “oficial serverlist”. Kinda weird to be honest.

What’s ridiculous is how many fucking threads are being created over the same problem, one that happens to practically any game where people can run their own servers.

Garry is aware, there are several ways to deal with it but none of them are trivial aside from manually blacklisting servers one at a time when they’re caught doing this. And that still takes time out of Garry’s work day that he could be working on advancing the game itself.

And all of this shit when you don’t even have to join the server ever. Just ignore fake-count servers. It’s really easy; assume any server with over 60% capacity is a fake unless it’s a well-known, established server. If it’s Russian and it has a high count, assume fake and don’t even bother joining.

elix, calm down. I am fully aware there were other threads like this. I barely even play rust. I know the player count is fake - I make 1 of the 3 mods for rust for gods sake man. I’m just saying it’s funny in a way.

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I think everyone is a little too tense about everything in the Rust section. The Rust Modding section is so much more… uhhh - relaxed? I’m not used to this. This thread was meant to point out something as if it were a funny inside joke or something, not to question the authority of everyone here. After all the shit people say, I would assume everyone probably thinks that way. I don’t blame you if you do, this section is cray.

If you’re aware of the other threads, why did you create another? I’m not a mod, but I’m pretty sure the rules sticky addresses this.

Yes, it’s dumb. But I’m fed up with seeing new threads about it, that’s even dumber.

Sorry if I went over the top too fast, but really. Everyone knows, it’s dumb, and nobody is ACTUALLY getting hurt here (well, arguably Rust is, but the cure is not trivial and let Garry worry about that).

I apologize for my ignorance. I actually tried to search for previous ones but didn’t know what keywords to use in the search so I didn’t know what thread to post in. The ones I tried gave me unrelated threads. Sorry about the trouble elix.

I hope you’re using the left search tab and not the crap multi-type search that comes up default when you click “Search” at the top, it’s almost useless. Select just the Rust section.

Keywords can be tricky, because if the words are too short or too long, search doesn’t index them. But here’s another trick. Use Google to search FP. Try a query like this:

fake server count

I don’t know if that exact set of terms is the best, but check out what it does.