This should be the new scope model for Rust (When Your Zoomed In) <---- That’s the scope I took a screen shot of… And yes it is on low settings don’t judge lol.

I feel like a 3D Scope will fit with Rust since when you use (Alt) When zoomed in with the scope model that’s in the game right now you can see the black borders and its glitched…
Note: They are doing an a amazing job on rust I’m just giving out idea’s…

first iteration, just to get the bare bones in the game. give them time.

This scope has some nice features that could be implemented (At 12k, It’s basically the most expensive scope for sale out there (after 50 secs it showes OSD))

Its smaller brother:
and a 40k military alternative:

This is a quote from Devblog 95. They will make it better within the next few updates.

I know that but I wanted to show how it should be inside of the scope not the outside because I feel like a scope like that picture that I have shown would be awesome!

Edit: I’m showing this so they get an idea how it should be.

I am sorry, I might have missunderstood you. Lets see forward what the future of this nice addition to the game will bring. They already updated the holosight, they might improve the scope better aswell as you suggested.

No problem, And yes that will be amazing! :smile: :godzing: