"This shouldn't exist."

Just testing out a model I found. It’s private, though, sorry, can’t share it yet.


Yeah, her tits are way too small on that model.

Nice camera angle though

Thanks. Anything you think needs to be improved upon?

I’m always really sad when I see pictures like this and the goddamn hair is sharp and jagged. Why do you hate us, source engine?

What shouldn’t exist? The giant tits?

HERESY!!! Giant tits should always exist.

Everything here should exist like a motherfucker.
Jill’s battle suit body put to good use.

fiendish slaanesh worshipper, go back to the warp

Yeah you are right, this thread shouldn’t exist.


It’s supposed to be the robots, because they’re based on something blah blah stuff you probably don’t care about anyway blah.

She needs a breast reduction.

Also is the gun meant to have that strange jagged edge on the slide?

Isn’t that just that one woman from that one fighter game or something hacked onto a skin tight battlesuit or something? Seems like something easy to hack together.

Thats some collar/necklace…

Aren’t you a poster on that DigitalEro or whatever gmod porn site?

More than that. I created the forum. And it is more than a porn site. We have lots of quality models and map releases. Also custom made tools and tutorials.
We now even have a section for non erotic poses like FP here. But the members talked me in to it. This happens when you run a democracy.

I approve

I kind of wish you’d release those models here on FP so that we don’t have to go on your site to get 'em. Not all of us are comfortable going on a site like that.

what, you insecure about somet-

oh god, THAT site

No can do. Garry prohibited nude models on FP some time ago. Which was the reason I made that forum and the one before it.
And what is the big deal? It is just nudity. You don’t even have to look at the porn sections. Just go straight to the model release
section from the main page. It is odd. You ask for nude models, but the erotic stuff is a problem? And the forum is 100% safe.

Oh well. Everyone to their own preferences I guess.

but you have a good lot of maps and models on there that aren’t all for sex

I picked up a nice lookin’ motor bike and shower stuff from there
and those Samurai Game Maps

surely you could make those exceptions