This Spy's Life

Meet Mumford Smittywerbenjagerman-jenson(Right) and Clifford McBallsaitchy(Left)

Saw Burke and Hare today, funny film so I decided to make this for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than a slight clipping issue, the image is good.

The avatar made me think otherwise when it was loading.

I’m gonna change me avatar at some point. Thanks man, as with the clipping issue I have only just this moment noticed it…damn, don’t you just hate when you don’t notice something untill it’s too late?

Very good, have an Artistic.

Thank you

Looks pretty good, little empty on the left and right though.

I was thinking of putting some background filler in there but then I didn’t…I should’ve really…my bad.

I actually think the backround should stay I kinda like the empty yellow