This Sub-Forum is going to hell.

For as long as i can remember, this section was always horribly moderated. You can look through this entire area, and see non-moderated, shit threads, everywhere.

Ever so recently I’ve been sending threads to mods in mass amounts, I think it’s ridiculous that i have to do this, a Mods job should mean having to get through each thread doing THEIR job.

Examples of Bad Threads:

Reason: Help & Support

Reason: Help & Support!

Reason: Help & Support!!

Reason: Dumb Thread

Reason: Help & Support

Reason: Help & Support

Reason: Dumb Thread!-please-join!

Reason: Wrong Section

The Mods around here do nothing, They only mod in certain sections. It’s horrible.

If you have to PM a mod about threads that they could’ve found themselves in the same day, they obviously aren’t doing their job right, and should be put straight. The Garry’s Mod Discussion,, and a few others are all going to Hell. Without the correct moderation this place will turn into an even bigger shit hole.

Now, note in my Example threads, all the Help & Support threads in the wrong section, these pop up everyday, and are rarely moved into their correct position, and they just sit there, for days, and days, and days, with no actions towards them.

the area has all the wrong threads, with (as said before) no moderation. This has gone too far, and I’m tired of it.

post your opinions.

Co-signing this, I remember back in 2009 I made a thread like this. We got a new moderator out of it (Benji) and the section got cleaned up exceptionally. It’s time for that to happen again.

I’m on it

I never visit here, but some of those threads are awful.

You can do it, Benji, I believe in you

You always were my favorite mod.

I think it’s because Garry put subforums at the bottom, all the new people are assuming this is the only gmod section and ask here

O_o im in there… i dont get how my thread is not related or is a bad question.

It’s been like this for months.

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compwhizii, Arn’t you a Mod, Swear I have seen you in green before?

I always thought he was.

Also offtopic, but:

You can ban moderators?

We do need more moderators in here. It’s turning into GD but with less permabans.

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Only with greater access.

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He was a mod, people started insulting him and he permabanned them all so now he’s a dev.

Yeah, I can’t believe the amount of stupidity here. It goes from little things like Talking Like This to having names like XxXsastraicIaxsXxX. Half the people here I can imagine aren’t even over the age of thirteen.
Most if not all the subjects here are shit, half the people can’t type or spell correctly, and people insult the only people who care to help them. To be honest, this is the worst section I’ve seen, and it’s been like this for the year I’ve been here.

While we are at it why don’t we get a few Screenshots and Movies moderators, that whole place is insane at times.

I also think the contraptions need some moderation as well. It’s going fine right now, but at times, the section goes to hell like this one.
Damn my automerge, but it’s relevant to what I was saying.

Thanks to Benji that might be fixed

We need to make a Roleplay forum again… Roleplay is polluting Gamemodes, and the main garry’s mod forum.

The roleplay forum was always utter shit. It was only debating on if DarkRP was good or not.

if roleplay forum appears again, i have lost all faith in facepunch

Just don’t visit it, OogalaBoogal was right. So what if it’s filled with crap? Right now, that crap is filling other places.