This subforum is kinda pointless

Everyone releases their stuff in the RELEASES section or in one of the other subforums, and noone in the Addons section.

So this subforum is kinda pointless.

Duly noted

That’s because the majority of fp users have low iq’s or are 12. They don’t know what organisation means.


What should be put in the main board then?

There should only be Scripts,Addons and Binary Modules, since SWEPS and SENTS should only be released in addon form anyway.

make sweps and sents subforums?

I’d say this is like an archive for the best addons. But there should be an area where the best addons are put.

i’ve said the same before a few times but i don’t think anyone “heard me”

it’s a pointless subforum that was made before we really used addons, cause before people uploaded single lua scripts that you were supposed to put in your gamemode folder

Depends if your American or not to be precise.