I want this because of reasons.

That .50 cal is fucking shameful in comparison with that big ass gun.

LOL, a big M95 turret gun.

Like it, nice work. Only thing that i dislike is the bland-ish sky and fog.

Where do they get attachments that fit on the massive mega rail?

it’s nice though.

Alternate title: That’s What She Said.

i can imagine the sorts of attachments they’d put on that rail
a big ass laser sight that simply melts anything it gets pointed at

huge fucking acog

did you use a light bulb for the blue muzzle flash

don’t do that

actually it’s a lamp.

hue hue

then where are all the shadows

why is it casting light through objects

it’s mainly due to the positioning of the props, but the dynamic shadows are still something I forget to fix. I need to start paying attention to those console commands on start up

make an autoexec for that