This update is horrible, it is simply unplayable!

Ok I know the game is alpha, beta, whatever bla bla bla…

but this update is just horrible, we are all having huge FPS drops, freezes, crashes, etc!!!

Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

Is it really so bad? I have recently been on a rust break for 2 weeks now, is it worth going back 2. I loved rust at one point with 600 hours.

I got a 10-20 fps drop, not that bad. The crashes are my issue.

We can all play for like 10-15 min then freezes and crashes. Not just me. My whole team on FP Toronto. It has to be fixed.

They messed something up, constant freezing and dc’s for everyone on the server.

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Just got an update, let’s hope this helps.

This is totally unplayable, crash after 10 min or so every time on every server. Mining with the stone pickaxe drops my FPS to about 5 and freezes up my game, gtx 970 i7 4790k

The big problem is not the fpd drop but the frequent crashes! I’m admin in 2 rust servers, I’m having lots and lots of players dcing cause of rust crashes!

I don’t mind FPS drops. I don’t mind stability issues. But when the game just plain freezes and you have to force close it… Nah, I’ll pass until a fix is published

yep you would fucking think with 2 weeks to do an update now would be better than the pile of shit that was released today

So much whine in here. Chill out and stop playing on patch day.

2 week patch’s feel as though more shit gets broken, last patch caused the memory leaks now this crashing shit this patch

Maybe Garry should be going back to making mods for games that are actually playable?

Lurd is right, fps drop is something we can even deal with, but game crashing, forcing you to close the process, every 5 minutes is unacceptable!

by the time you get into loading into a server rust has already gobbled up 4gb ram for me, you don’t even have to move or do anything and its practically chewing away at available memory… 10mins later its chewed up 6gb… its not surprising people crash and lag out. And I thought this patch was the one that was fixing that issue and the memory leakage its got going on…

Patch day is also wipe day, and so is typically one of the most fun days to play. The idea of patching very two weeks was partially to theoretically give the dev team more time to iron out issues. That won’t happen if they don’t treat the day or two before patch day differently than before, i.e, not trying to cram everything in at the last second. You can have a 6 month release cycle, and if you did that, you’d still have major issues on patch day.

Bitching doesn’t help as much as constructive criticism. Let’s make some positive suggestions on how to improve the situation.

Suggestion: an optional “Dev” build, where updates and patches can be tested for obvious bugs and performance issues before being pushed out to fifty thousand steam clients.

It’s just a rough idea, but I think it could work.

For all the optimizing and “fixing” in the last 2 weeks, this is easily the most unstable, bug laden and poorly performing patch that’s been released since I started playing Rust back in January. I’m going to have to pass until this is properly patched.

I never expect perfection since this is alpha. We should expect bugs, issues and imbalances with every release. But with issues this glaring, they really should have just delayed the patch by a day. This patch is beyond game breaking.

This shit was skull fucked to whatever comes before Alpha.

Last 2 patches have been unplayable. Memory leaks, freezing Everytime you move your character or open inventory. Eac registry errors. Optimized my foot. Patch before this had me drop from fantastic to fastest to even walk around when I’ve been playing fantastic since rust came out in legacy. I have over 1000 hours on this game. Any other game I play is at ultra high graphics as well. 2 weeks for garbage. Every server I was on today was unplayable with the general consensus being “did they even play this shit?” Don’t even get me started on players skipping around during gun fights it’s useless.