This Video Must Be Seen

I’m very sorry if it’s been posted before, but I just want to spread this very effective video I just watched which explains the truth behind EA (and other big publishers). It isn’t made by me and it’s been getting a lot of attention pretty quickly, to my delight. I believe that everybody who considers themselves an active video game consumer must watch this video. Enough people see this, and there might just be some change in the air. EA is already suffering right now with their stocks, and bringing attention to their ways might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Again, if this has been posted before, I would appreciate a tip rather than mindless “dumb” and “late” ratings.

The animating was damn nice man, keep up the good work.

>Implying that origin will beat steam

Origin is powered by EA fanboys ;-;

Yeah that was the one thing that I was pretty skeptical of in the video. I think that the huge size of Origin was meant to represent the crushing dominance of the service over the user, rather than the size compared to other DRM services like Steam. Everybody knows that Origin will never beat Steam. The reason that it is portrayed like that in the video is most likely due to the fact that EA pushes the service on to anyone who wants to purchase an EA game as of late, making them download their DRM. In that way, it’s forceful marketing, just as the video creator says.

Might I ask why it can’t just be taken as a joke?
Or would that get me… vented steam

Because it isn’t a joke? The video was created specifically to portray a message. If it was meant to be a complete joke then there would be more LOLSORANDUM shit. I’m guessing you have no idea what’s been going on in the gaming industry for the past 5 years.

Humor is used in the video to attract and keep attention, which is smart, but holds a really blatant message about these large publishers (specifically, EA, in this video). If it was just supposed to be “funny” then it wouldn’t be attracting all this attention.

It’s still funny seeing those old Zombie Master skins I did being used for vids on occasion.

This is great…

that was a fun watch