"This was a nice place"

Its a bit cloudy in my town and i got this idea. This is the first image i post here, it took me like an hour (maybe more) to finish it.

Everything was made ingame and sorry for using Simple DoF, i have a shitty PC that can’t handle anything.


C&C appreciated.

Looks great, too bad his hand is cropped out of the pic.

Not bad.

Yeah i also wanted the complete arm apear on the imagen but that cause the other guy dissapear.


Nice lighting


why the guy in behind is playing Nintendo?

It’s a book… about nintendo.

Is it just me, or does Male_09’s head look a little small?

it was smaller than the one you are seeing, the head is inflated but the ragdoll chest make it look small or maybe needs to be inflated a bit more.

Well done friend.

link to that model?