This was suggested a while ago by someone else, no response

As the title says, this was requested by someone else about a month ago but nobody seemed to care, and since I have no editing programs/skills, I have to request it. Nude/topless Chell. If it works, you can change the head too so she doesn’t look so weird. If you’re too lazy to make a nude, just do topless, I can live with that. I know of a good picture for reference, but I don’t know if I’ll get banned for it or not, so if you need the picture, send me a PM.

All right, I’m sorry if this is a double-post, but if I don’t do this, it’s going to get lost in massive ocean of unread threads. It’s been nearly four years since the release of Portal and nobody has made a topless/nude version of Chell? (One of each would be preferable.) Nobody even wants to give it a try after all these years and with all the stuff we have available to us? Don’t get me wrong, I’d just do it myself if I had the programs and skills, but sadly, I do not. So I ask again, is there anyone out there who is not too busy to make a topless Chell and/or a nude Chell?

EDIT: At least bump if you support so the thread doesn’t get lost forever and I’d be forced to make a new one.

Why would you be forced to make a new thread if it’s quite clear that no one want’s to make a topless Chell model?

As far as I can tell, there’s no fact or rule or anything stating that nobody wants to make one. Might as well give it a shot if nobody else has really done anything about it, know what I’m saying?

Chell was announced a shemale i heard…

I’m pretty sure Chell is a woman…

she is, i’m pretty sure jhonny is trollin’

Somehow, the presence of trolls doesn’t surprise me…But is anyone actually willing to make something like this?

Chell is piss ugly. I wouldn’t.

Well, I wouldn’t mind if someone had to change her face, just as long as it isn’t a lazy Alyx head replacement or something like that.

Whats trollin?

It’s when someone purposely pisses off other people and watches them get mad about it for their own personal gain. Don’t feed the trolls their lulz!