This week the game is unplayable?!

I’ve not been able to test Experimental this week due to the extremely long loading times.

It takes around 5 or 6 minutes before the “click to wake up” button screen appears.

Another 2 minutes after clicking that, before I can actually get in the game, which is pointless because I can’t move anyway.

I only have 4GB memory, which fills up pretty quick when loading Rust.

Yeah the devserver is almost unplayable but if you go to a community server with a good ping you can at least test new features. Today I noticed that construction frames have a solid body now yay :smiley:

I have a dedicated experimental server in the EU (Germany) for testing out new features and building weird stuff. PM me for details (don’t want to advertise here).

Devs responded to the poor performance from last patch and said they are working on it. Something about it being draw distance

On the topic “performance” is it just me or does the terrain look a lot more crummy than before?

I’ve always played on the lowest quality (aka Fastest) so I wouldn’t know.