"This will be... The last time you will see me." - Pyro at the ruins of 2fort

Yeah. I seem to really like that map.

I hate suicidal comics.

Kinda ok. Good posing

but I think that the lighting is wrong in some way

Who said it’s suicidal?

dum dum dum duum.

You never know, he might be preparing to charge the RED Team outside.

Because you can’t suicide with a damn shotgun, now can you?

Nice. Now make a comic about this :D.

Nah, I suck at comics. :sigh:

some headshot pictures i saw say the opposite…



It was murder. ^

Nice posing.

Can i join in?


Yay. I am going to do one later.

Double post D:.
Anyway would you like to see my picture i done? The posing might not be good but i’ve been doing it for one and a half hours i think. Also it’s not edited yet.
One more thing. Could you send me your shotgun? Since my one is broken since it has the barrel skin all over it. But in the picture i did it’s the L4D2 shotgun skin for tf2.

Oh sure.
Here it is: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=755849&

Thanks. And i didn’t real know if the pyro was keeping them hostage or anything. So i went ahead and made the pyro killed some army people. Give me a minute i will send you some picture.


Also the posing might not look good. I am still trying my best to get good.

Link to map?

There you go.