"This will go for first meal...." - Terry after eating his new prey.

gagh…saw little clipping issue, dayum.

his leg goes through his meal, i assume that’s the clipping issue :smiley: other than that, it’s pretty good, posing is good.

Reminds me of Paxton Fettel.

D’aaaw he looks so cute!

Story was awesome so is the screen :smiley:

Holy Shit…

Badass, just badass.

Omn omn.

At first I thought he was eating his own hand! Then I scrolled down a bit.

thanks for comments…atlesat some comments :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing you are missing is thread music.

not really, my, catty avatar friend…
i just keep it…
for apropriate pose…
that will be soon.

Well, I guess the backstory replaces it.

Ahah! So THAT’s why this is familiar. This looks great, I don’t see any clipping issues.



Better shell casings will be nice.

What he said.

Tasty shit