"This will sting."

Only for a second though, Corporal.



Reminds me of Farcry 2 when you pull random debris from yourself after an injury.

I didn’t notice the adrenaline shot and I thought he was putting the nail into his leg for some reason it looks painful.

Damage done by Freeman, obviously.
Who else would be running around with a Crossbow.

It looks like medic is doing the opposite of what he’s supposed to be doing.

I’m not sure pulling out the rebar is such a good idea.

arrrgh a rebar stuck in your knee


It’s a crossbow shot, for god’s sake. Shoot a HL2 crossbow at something and see for yourselves.

Yeah but it shoots a rebar you dumb tit.

the crossbow fires heated rebar, as Zerax said

also actually Zerax, because it’s heated it will likely have cauterized the majority of the wound, making it safe to remove without fear of bleeding to death

but hey who knows

I’m not an expert on biology, but wouldn’t the heated flesh fuse to the rebar, thus sticking to it as you pulled it out?

Well, clothing does tend to stick to the flesh of burn victims. It would be plausible for the crossbow-propelled rebar to do so.

If it was hot enough, I could see that happening.

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I only just realised how fucked up that thing would be as a weapon. I mean, aside from the whole ‘pinning dudes to walls’ thing, you have a sizeable chunk of (probably rusting) iron penetrating the body at considerable speed and a high temperature. As well as the obvious damage to tissue and burns, you also then have a huge risk of infection both from the bar itself and the resultant burns, and the shock would be terrible. I can’t see many people surviving that without first-rate medical care, and even then it’s kinda grim.


but the poor old medic does the best he can, armed with only a needle

Reminds me of something that happened at work last summer. Two guys were carrying a piece of wood and one jokingly jerked it backwards and ended up making a splinter go all the way through the other guy’s thumb. Shit was crazy looking, but he just put some ice on it and jerked it out with some pliers.

Yeah, fun times.

Good thing I’m indestructable.

Reminds me of that scene in Black Hawk Down.


What scene? My memory of that war epic is somewhat fuzzy.

More like “Good thing I’m indestructAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH”