Thorough tutorial for the Blender SMD Exporter Tools?

Pretty much the only modeling program I know how to use well is Blender, and I’ve had an interest in modeling for source for a while now. Problem is, I can’t find a good tutorial for the plugin.

If anyone knows of a tutorial, a link would make me a very happy person.

If not, I have some questions and if someone could answer them, that would also make me happy.
-How do you go about linking meshes to armatures that will agree with SMD’s?
-Where do you enter the material name you want to use?
-Do you need to link the collision mesh to an armature?
-Any other useful hints or tips

A thousand internets to anyone who can answer these questions/provide a link to a tutorial.

Hopefully this helps: :wink:

There is a Help button you know…

Except that Tutorial is for the antiquated Blender 2.49, which barely worked with the SMD plugins made for it, and which the current SMD Tools will not work at all.

This would probably be better…

While it uses Blender 2.56, I cant think of anything it demonstrates that does not still work in the current version. (2.60a as of this post)
The tutorial talks about parts 2 and 3, but this particular video contains all 3 parts put together.
Part 2 ‘Texturing + UV Mapping’ starts @ 29:42
Part 3 ‘Writing QC and Compiling’ starts @ 46:20

I think that decades of ‘Help’ buttons that rarely, if at all, ‘help’ has seriously damaged the reputation of that feature. :slight_smile: