Thoroz Ateryk[Made up Turian MassEffect character]

Getting so close:

Virtually done:




They are the same version, diffrent lighting just to show off the selflum…

Please note that this is model viewer, and it fucks up with specular, a lot. It could look better OR worse ingame…

So until I take a picture of it ingame, please no phong/envmap comments.

It looks pretty good, couldn’t care about the quality of the model. You should probably bring out the eyes a little more, it looks like he’s made of charcoal.

What do you mean by bring out the eyes more?

The dark rusty version looks kinda nice but its tad dark on the face, maybe showing out more the eyes on that one.

The other one looks kinda meh.

I really like this very nice job.

I know it’s just a model, but the eyes don’t seem to fit in. It’s like they’re just tacked on.

there is no dark rusty version.


Since everyone seems to like it darker… I made it darker

eye tests


In fully lit glory!

Make the black on the armor a bit brighter, you can’t really appreciate the detail when it’s pitch black.

how much brighter? o-o

I might have gone too with too much :v:



i like the sightly darker version before you lighten it looks better on him.

Indeed, the lightened version was a joke. :v: