Those cold winter nights

“Do you really think they’re coming back?”

“Shutup hans you’re such a pessimist.”



this is awesome

Looks amazing

This is just me nitpicking, but why is there a shotgun? I think the Germans didn’t build or use any shotguns during WW2 except for the M30 but that was only issued to Luftwaffe pilots as an emergency weapon if they were shot down behind enemy territory and it was both a rifle and a shotgun.

The transition from warm orange around the fire to the cold blue looks nice imo.

Damnit i’m really looking forward to make trenches with these props.

German soldiers often brought their own weapon(s) to the front, as well as the weapon they were issued, example :

A shotgun there isn’t a bad thing.

Also, great screenshot.

It is a looted yankee trench gun

I’m not sure if I should tell but these pictures have actually been somewhat concept pics of a comic I’m working on, it’s going to be in the battle of the bulge on the german side and basically some spooky shit is going to happen.

Spooky meaning somewhat supernatural or war time horrors spooky?

the former