Those darn wooden keys would just not break.

so messing around in rust a few hours to kill so built a decent place. 3rd floor level 6 walls and such. Was working my way down when the goon squad showed up. So the goon squad gets to my roof and starts beating my level 6 ceilings. Now I am scorch earth person. I leave nothing but charcoal if I am being raided with no way out. Well dammit all those wood keys would not break for nothing. I had to kill myself and go back and destroy my corpse in hopes the key would vanish and so they did. So the goon squad has to beat down 3 level 6 doors(wont take them long there is 3 of them but still).

So are wood keys not suppose to destroyed if hit with a rock or hatchet. Also I noticed while the goon squad was beating on my 1 ceiling the other ceilings and other walls down graded to a level 5 is there some sort of aoe that is going on when a person is hitting a single spot ??.

As far as I know items dropped cannot be damaged. Also to go from level 6 to level 5 only requires one hit, however it’s going to be a level 5 + 99% on it’s way to level 6.