Those Koreans Be Everywhere

Grim and myself on the US West Coast SLP/PvP server spot a group of 15+ or so Koreans. We decide to have a little fun with them.

WARNING! Excessive Foul Language

xD you clearly haven’t seen that 40 people house on Us central 4 full of korean.

That russians are a lot more and they are really everywhere with aimbots.

Oh that’s the notorious “Air Raid Alarm” Koreans. They use teleport hacks, auto aim, etc. on multiple servers, and, therefore, are banned on a couple of them.

They were just banned one hour ago on a US server and then came to our website forum to complain about it.


Oh wow didn’t realize how we’ll known these guys are. I think the craziest part with these guys was at one point they did some sort of ritual where they all lined up did a bow to one person. Dropped there loot and received a stack off chicken breast. Took role playing to the extreme.

Messing with these Koreans is a goldmine of comedic material.

I wish we recorded our team infiltrating their compound (placing our sleeping bags and doors inside it) by impersonating one of their 50 members, and lighting them all up from inside their own tower. They also played the weird air raid loop, their clan was =59=.

Sadly they learned their lesson eventually dropped the clan tag idea all together and decided that asking people for a korean password would keep invaders away.

OMFG that sounds fucking hilarious to witness.