Those Zoey Clones

Only because, surprisingly, some people were actually interested.

I know not everyone’s into stuff like this, so, you know, don’t download or comment if you’re not interested. Why do some of you even click on the Zoey related topics AND bother posting if you know what you’re even going to see ahead of time?

Anyway, for those few interested, they’re the same ones Rastifan’s been using in those requests he’s been doing for me, which is a total of 10 Zoeys in this version of the pack download at this time.

Just a few things you should know before adding these:

  1. Because of how I have them setup and hex edited, the folder names are the same as some of the hex edited Zoeys that “Holmess/Jason” has uploaded to the download site. So if you have downloaded any of his they WILL be overwritten. I just simply used those since they were all ready hex edited before doing my own and then just overwrote the color, head, hair and iris vtf files.

  2. Not all of them are hex edited… there is one that is not, and that is a Zoey that goes in the usual materials/models/survivors/teenangst path. So if you have a Zoey all ready in there, like, from gm_mount for example, she’ll be overwritten. (However, there is a default Zoey hex edited in there so you’ll always have a spare original Zoey.)

  3. There’s a couple different nude Zoeys included, so if you all ready have a nude Zoey you could probably delete one or two.

  4. Sometimes the Zoeys don’t work properly for some people, and for others they work perfectly fine. I honestly don’t know why or why not, it’s just one of those stubborn things only working if it feels like it I guess like any other addons.

Feel free to comment and rate if you want to, I’ll answer questions if it’s something I can answer…

Such as: where did I get the ideas? Most of these are just mixed around parts from other Zoey skins from FPSBanana for example.

Credit and to thanks for various random help to me go to:

Rastifan for helping in posing/testing and his creative posing ideas
Jason and Nahka for helping in hex editing
Drebin for his higher quality Zoeys and a man of much style and talent

If you want the “Valve” Zoey, “Sony” Zoey, “Adidas” Zoey, and/or “NYPD” Zoey you’ll have to contact “G.H.O.S.T.” because I was asked to not redistribute them.

Here’s a picture of mine showcasing themit’s extremely amateur and generic (images are large in size):

Another better preview from Rastifan where he posed them himself:


Rochelle clones would be cool too.

edit; i guess not

Dead link and no pictures?
Sounds interesting, but I can’t have a look.

His avatar has a pic of the clones.

Look for threads by Rastifan, he has a handful of poses with the clones

Can’t we start using some other character for everything besides zoey

Nice Trunten. I got pm’s from people who were interested.
And since all are hexed apart from camo Zoey this makes it attractive for people who won’t mind variations of Zoey.

There is no such thing as to many models.

nice work anyway :smiley:

Well you wake up, load GMod and think. “How should Zoey be today? Cute, mean, rebel, Gothic, sexy, innocent” and so on. A Zoey for any occasion:keke:

Nude version with blonde hair and black pubes…

Skinner fails genetics forever.

Maybe she dyed her hair…or pubes…

Ever heard of dyed hair:rolleyes:

…logic failure.

Schooling the kids

Quite common in fact. Women often dye their hair, but seldom their pubics.

that bitch really look like Zoey
kid should learn this because Gmod is for Mature
and it was a mistake for kid because enjoy this forums >:D

Haha XD

Kids should also learn the english language so that they can speak appropriately on internet Forums.

I would do this if I wasn’t so lazy.

I really like the way you posed them.

Excellent work dude, congratulations.