Thought - Adopt Eve Onlines Blueprint System?

For those who haven’t played Eve they have a pretty cool blueprint systems where there are two kinds of blueprints. They have the originals and they have copies. The originals can be used an unlimited number of times, but the copies are limited to whatever they say. So for example you could have a blueprint copy for explosives that has a 50 limit cycle on it meaning you can only use it to make 50 explosives and after that it would be destroyed (think durability for blueprints) Maybe you can learn the originals like we do now, but for copies you have to keep it on you or something. They could be something else you’d have to protect. Also, you could make weapons a little easier to come by via blueprints because even if someone had a copy for 1 run, they’d only ever get one item out of it. Maybe you could go to the extent that to repair something you’d need the blueprint so while you may have a copy that can make 5 AK’s it’s up to you if you want to make 5 or make 1 and repair it 4 more times.

Anyway, just a thought to put an effort into making weapons a little more available without flooding the server.

I like the crafting system in Eve, but in Eve, you don’t learn blueprints. You train skills that allow you to be able to build the item on the BP, then keep them on you as items. In Eve, they’re safe when you leave them in an NPC station and vulnerable when being moved. And BP copies are useful for corp-owned BPs and for reverse engineering for T2 BPCs. And of course, for selling on the open market.

None of this applies well to Rust. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to have to return to base to craft stuff or to carry a camp fire BP around with me so I can set up a temp overnight shelter somewhere. And I don’t want to have to start my BP progression from scratch if my base happens to be raided.

That model worked well in Eve, but I don’t think is applicable in Rust.