Thought of the Caretaker concept when i saw this video for the game Horizon:Zero Dawn

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And this one…

First I gotta say this looks really cool.

I would love to see robots in rust but we don’t know in which direction garry will go as in npc encounters or if we ever get sci-fi themed stuff, at the moment nothing in rust is sci-fi.
I know there is art but who knows if those will ever come true.

Yeah i enjoyed the videos especially the first one, and yes i agree, we’ll just have to wait patiently and see what FP studios decides to do.
I dont think we’ll see anything until late next year as i think there is still about two years of serious development left.

I guess the npc ai isn’t that great in unity right now and they wait till they get something they can work with, the current npcs act not that great xD Animals that do nothing or running in circles and stuff like that.

Yeah that’s right, animal AI really sucks right now, though at the moment i’m not sure how great AI is in unity I’ve never looked i might today just for curiosities sake.
I’ve seen animals doing all sorts of bizarre stuff, saw a horse running around backwards the other day that was an amusing hunt :slight_smile:


If there was one pve feature that could be added now, which one would it be?
Garry: Npcs that aren’t shit

I would love to see cities like the ones in video 1.

Even just smart automated turrets that you can put near your base would be a good start.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could put down a smart gun turret that knows you and will shoot any human except you? So raiders would have to use rifles to take out the turrets before they could approach closely to the base. And if they chased you back to your base, you could go in and have some defense - at least until they took out the turret. You could also have some help fighting off larger teams if you had a turret shooting with you at other players (if they came close it would target them),

This could be a top tier crafting item that takes a lot to make. I would love to see raiders enter a base to find that there is a turret inside that will suddenly attack them.

Maybe the simpler, easier to craft turret could only recognize one player as “do not shoot”. This could still be a very hard to craft item, but would be good for solo players with a small base. Then, the very costly and hard to craft version would be advanced and could recognize groups of players. So teams could work to craft one of these to protect their larger base.

This is my favorite thing to use landmines and snaptraps for.

Yesterday I was hitting up a rad town and I had placed several landminds and snaptraps outside of the radtown. Someone attacked me with a gun (I was naked) so I ran pass my traps, needless to say, I was not naked after that…

That would be cool, i think we’d have a similar approach to the Sleeping Bag where we Assign a Friend as Friendly then they can pass the turrets protection boundary.

I wonder how the Turret will detect players? will it be heat signature or sound or visual tracking.

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The Ruined cities? yeah they’d be interesting to see.

Procedural towns, caves and sewers would be awesome.