Thought on Rust Dev progression

List all of the major things that the dev team wants/needs to work on. Make it an open poll, and let people vote on what they want to see fixed/added next. There could be seperate polls for fixes/major changes, then maybe polls for next weapon/tools to add or something.

This could help the dev team sort through the massive amounts of input required in to building a game like this, and it makes it alot easier for them to see what people want and need fixed/changed. As someone mostly sitting back and watching the development of Rust, I know that this game is about to get to the point where alot of people will be coming back from legacy because of all the people comparing it to that, and the word will spread once its stable to new players.

Help the Rust community build Rust.



Touche. But its not like I have never looked at their trello. Last time I did it hadnt been updated in a while and I thought they gave up on it.

Its a shame that server stability/major FPS issues are not under gameplay issues.

Here some more info :slight_smile:

Again, I looked at this a couple months ago and it looks identical honestly.

Garry really needs to try testing this game on my system, and then he could see why so many people are frustrated. I mean I just built this system last month, but its AMD so I get 20 fps everywhere.

BTW: AMD FX-8320E, R9 270X OC, 16GB corsair. I have been playing battlefield hardline beta at maximum settings, 40-50 fps everywhere unless im in a helicopter lol.

Here we go again, comparing a polished beta against an actively-developed alpha.

Optimization is not something you push hard in alpha, because if you change one little thing you can end up having to throw out a week’s worth of work, and if you spent an extra week optimizing the stuff you threw out, there goes two weeks worth of work wasted.

Better to lose out on one week and spend the second week taking what you had to scrap and reformulating/recreating it to be compatible with the current build.

I’m running: AMD FX-8350, R9-280X, 16Gb Corsair. When I build a massive fort (6+ stories, 12 sided round tower with gun ports balconies, verandas etc.) fps drops to around 20 when it’s mostly in view, or inside. Even less if there’s a lot of lanterns, or more buildings around.

One thing I have found is I get about a 15-20 fps boost simply by turning on virtual procedural texturing, no matter where I am, and I get a steady 45-55 when there are no massive buildings in my view even without it. It makes my massive fort render @ ~40fps

You might try it?

Ok so the day before the blueprint patch hit— 45FPS, 60-70 with no buildings around 0 crashes to desktop
The next day— ~20fps with same settings, ~100 crashes to desktop and counting.

You cant break part of the game, and blame it on development.

Plus your talking of wasting time-- How good do those placeholder barrels look now? Days spent on 3 Different skins for something that should have been removed already.

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I have tried. The fact that currently I cannot hit above 30FPS NO MATTER THE SETTINGS. I honestly have a window of 30-10fps right now, and honestly it wont go above 20fps if there is a building in my LOS. I should be able to get more than 30FPS at absolute minimum settings, I do in BF hardline at maximum.

Well that’s just strange considering the similarity between your system and mine, and considering the fact that I am running everything at full fantastic quality. I never drop below 20fps, or 30fps with PVT turned on (which I find even stranger) in heavy load areas.

Welcome to alpha, you’re in a construction zone. Here’s your hard hat. Also, learn to differentiate between artists and programmers, they are separate people on the Rust team.

And you are still comparing a near-finished/finished game with a game that’s in active development. That is pointless. You might as well compare how well-insulated a finished house is with the foundation and rough frames of the one being built across the street that doesn’t even have windows put in yet. No shit Rust doesn’t run as well as a finished game. Tell me something I don’t know.

Your expectations are actually too high.