thoughts about base buildings and defending ( not ingame )

hallo and first of all im not “IN-GAME” but yet i still got a lot of interest for Rush.

i seen a lot of videos / pic´s. of ( game content ) / forum post reading.

but yet i don´t see alot of topic about base defending and base building Objects items/ improvement.

my thoughts was. could features like “see under” be an great idea. ( dont kill me if some of the idea´s is suggested in other topic´s )

  • Floor hatch -
  • roof hatch -
  • secret doors -
    -combat ladders / Tactical ladder -
  • window fortification -

— character suggestion —

  • combat shield / riot shield / Tactical shield-
  • a place-able shield of some sort ( fx. like Riot Shield from WarZ ) -

— Tribute by others ----

  • Snip ( scissor tool ) - StarMcBound XD

What are your thoughts about - think what could inprove your “base building/defending” - ( also pls comment if you think my things a “retardet” - i would relay like some feedback)


There are already placeable barricades

Could be implemented in the future, but right now the devs have a game to build and tweak.

StarMcBound - yes ;D if its scissor / snip tool you saying

Teleskop - then thx for the info - but its not in the wooden form of tree fortification my thoughts was - morer in a combat shield type of thing

StarMcBound - as i just corries and trying to give som suggestions as i cant tribiute other ways ( im not ingame ) so i would be a little hard to make bug reports and reports of any other ingame ( engin / graphic / glitch ) problems then im not (ingame) hehe :smiley: - so im tributin with what i can / a least trying…