Thoughts about storage and security in Rust

I want to start of by saying: yea, I know the game is in a alpha-stage.

I bought Rust two days ago and was thrilled to get started collecting resourses to build shelter with my friends. I was aware of the idea that you could potentially lose everything in your backpack as you die, whether it be to another player or of starvation. However, I did not realise the frequency of raids that a built shelter must endure. It was painful to watch all of my collected metal and wood disappear with the perpetrator and leaving my shelter useless. Again, I understand that it’s a part of the game to be killed by your fellow players and I understand that there should be some sort of purpose for the player to keep playing after he built his base.

My problem with the game as it is right now is the need for a complete recollection of resources as soon as your base is breached.

Here’s what I want to bring to the game Rust: I want to add a tiny personal storage, about 3 slots, that is not accessible to anyone except the player that put something in it first. I want to be motivated to keep playing even after my base is demolished. I want to be able to return to the ashes and pick up the bolt action rifle or my M4 or my huge stack of leather that I stored in a secure place. I want the game to be more forgiving and let the players store some of their gems somewhere safe.

I encourage discussion on this topic and I want to know what your opinions are on a small private storage.

I would suggest not to build shelters but collect some more wood and directly start building a stronger base with a metal door because people can destroy the wooden wall with a pickaxe. A smart thing to do when you get raided is to make sure you didn’t put away your good stuff inside your base but build a shelter with a metal door on a hidden place. The raiders won’t expect usefull stuff in that and they won’t waste C4 on that.

This is a difficult one to comment on for me. I know the intentions behind it as everything I have gets stolen again and again. Just tough to say there should be something that can’t be stolen. I only have 3 friends so most of the time we can’t stand up to the groups of 10-20. Having said all that though I feel that part of the drive is to make it as best I can and someday find a way to raid them. When I do I will sit in their tower, laugh and mock them.

Good suggestion! I actually tried to hide away some of my valuables in a small storage but the raiders found it. I should also be adding that my house wasn’t really a small one, about 3*3 foundations and tons of metal doors inside. It didn’t stop the raiders from putting up tall stairs and enter through one of my wooden walls. I realise I could have built my house in a different way and that they really did nothing wrong. I just want to be made sure that my absolutely most valuable things that I store, are still there for me to pick up when I return for them. It heartwrenching to start all over again after you lost absolutely everything. :confused:

I like this idea and it’s not an idea that I would normally like. Allow each player to basically use the small stash but only 1. You get 3 slots of untouchable storage.

Seems like it would benefit the new player more than anybody else and I like that.

The reason you probably got raided is because you put your shelter near resources where people could see it. Anytime, I ever come upon anything with a wooden door, I break it down. That’s because its easy to do so, and there is almost always resources inside. Taking those resources is faster, and safer, then getting them myself. End result - put your shack out of the way.

Take a google into some beginner rust guides and you’ll get so much info you never thought of. Like, for example, don’t store your newbie stuff in a shack. Instead, hide a box in the hills and only do cooking and furnac-ing in a shack. Also, get a metal door.

Since the OP asked for a discussion I’d like to enter a bit more of my view. I see the benefit for a new player… I’ll keep a weapon and maybe a couple of other valuables. Now untouchable. So now lets think in game. When you raid you hope get some valuables such as resources or more explosives. I understand to a new player he’d like to not have to start completely fresh but against these gangs it would be no fun. Lets assume you can raid the base of a large group. Now lets assume that they chose to keep 3 resources per person untouchable. 10 people means 30 slots of untouchable items. What’s the point of hitting a large group then? You get nothing.

The best strategy ive found which so far is tried and true is to not be found at all. There are some incredibly good hiding places to put even large bases and still stay very very hidden. Look around the coast in the rocks. Those areas are well off the beaten path and unless someone is out looking for hard to find bases i will bet money you will go a long long long time before you get raided. Just be sure no one follows you, or set up a decoy house in the area so they think thats your main.

As for internal storage and security, doors doors and more doors. If all you can do right now is wooden buildings look up videos on how to place your walls. Wooden walls actually have 2 sides and one takes 2 charges while the other takes 1 charge. If you place a lot of empty boxes in closed off rooms they raiders may be more willing to waste their charges getting into those rooms seeing as they appear to contain more.

So really, the first line of defense is not to be found. And if you are found, make sure they waste as many charges as possible to get to anything good. Also, be sure to do some kind of external defense if you have multiple floors. Its possible to build foundations and stairs or other types of ladders to get up high.

Another thing to do is for high value items like explosives, charges, sulfur. Put them in the small stashes and hide them. Behind boxes, under furnaces, campfires, even beds ive found cover up the bag so you cant see it, but you can still loot it. Stashes also it seems have a short range of a few feet before they become visible.

Do some mock raids on your self. If you were to attack yourself how would you get in, where would you look, what walls would you blow up and in what order? There are a lot of good guides out there to learn the little tricks to improve your defense

also, it seems there is a bug that makes wooden walls take an ungodly amount of charges to blow up if certain objects are intersecting them. Furnaces and boxes, and stairs i believe seem to make wood walls take more charges than normal. There is a video of one wall taking 8 charges to blow up

I think that the security of backpacks is stupid. This takes the sting out of every attack and will just, inevitably, slow everyone down.
A good point made by a YouTuber is that this may only be put into the game to test this particular mechanic and will be removed again in the near future.

Its off by default, its server owners choice to put it in

I have also grown tired of being raided. I am in as a lone wolf and just had to rethink my defenses. First off, I have a metal base with a wooden outter perimeter.
I also have two wooden hut with metal doors that are spread out away from my base. I keep most of my valuable mats in those. Yes, they are far away and very concealed. True, it’s a walk back and forth but, it has yet to be discovered (3 weeks).
Finally, and most importantly. When I farm I collect just enough resources to build one level on my base. That’s it. Usually with farming I am going after metal only. 200 metal ore gets me roughly 80 lqm. So… I know exactly what to build and how much it takes. Then, build and leave. Nothing gets left behind.
Then, I don’t goto my huts, I will disconnect in a area that would be a random chance at finding me.
This approach has really helped

Many people have already stated better ways of defense. I tend to build in hard to reach areas and take up all the buildable areas so no on can build stairs or ramps up to one of my walls. The first few levels are a maze of doors and always have your storage on the inside walls of your base so they are not easy to see from the outside.

Back to the topic at hand. I don’t know if I like the idea of having un-lootable items. Believe me I have been looted and it sucks but I also have started to raid and don’t like the idea of a bag I have no options to get in. I rather like the ideas of strong lock boxes that raiders need to blow open first. And as a really good upgrade the ability to make a safe. that takes multiple C-4 charges. Being the annoying builder that I am I would probably make a few Safes but only have one with anything it in just to make raiders waste there C-4.

Strategically place a small stash, under a bed, behind a large storage etc.

While I’m tempted to get into gameplay strategy here, I’ll just suffice it to say that I run solo as well and do 2 things for my security.

  1. Don’t get attached to the stuff
  2. Build multiple sites

The first one while self explanatory can be tough especially when you’ve put a lot of hours into acquisition, but in the end I try and remember that it’s just a game and that stuff wasn’t real.

The second one builds redundancy into your world. If one base gets raided, I have at least 5 or 6 more like them, and that is single foundation wood houses with metal doors tucked into the mountains. One raid isn’t a wipe for me and regardless of where I spawn, I can get to one fairly quickly and get re-geared. I also place stashes in various places outside that have some food and a weapon throughout the map. Some of those have been found, but most haven’t (sometimes even by me).

I don’t really want to see some type of unlootable stash, because I don’t think it really fits with the game and personally that’s part of the challenge and why I enjoy the game.