Thoughts about the price of Rust in the future and PC requirements

Herro everyone, I’ve looked deep into this game, and it is very… very interesting… I’d buy it, but I’ll never get this game via dutch auctions… rich people will just spend around 60$ on this game… I wouldn’t waste more than 30-40$ on this.

Does anybody know by any chance, will this game be released in Steam, and at what price? 20$? 30$?

Either way, I got a 2009 HP laptop, since my power supply ruined every single component of my gaming PC.
My current components are REALLY shit, but I don’t see Rust in the need of a gaming PC to play decently atleast at 30 FPS

2gb ram
My GFX card has around 800mb

Do you think this could run Rust at atleast the WORST settings, no anti-aliasing, low resolution, etc? Thanks for taking your time to read if you didn’t tl;dr

Rust is horribly unoptimized, not sure how well it will run.

It’d probably eat the hell out of your RAM.

Honestly, No. I tried to play this on my cousin’s laptop and it did not run at all. I could not even move.

On a similar topic I got the game for 41 dollars, but I guess you wouldn’t pay over 40 :slight_smile:

At the moment the game is worth 30 dollars, and in the future if they add A LOT of features, it would easily be 40 or more. As it stands it’s such a great game, and I highly recommend snagging it for the cheapest you can and are willing to get it at.

As for specs, I think you might need to get a new computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah man, I tried playing this on my brother’s non-gaming but not-awful PC, and it was just awful.

I mean hell, my Gaming PC can’t run it A+

This isn’t 04, an 800mb video card ain’t gonna cut it

If I could run games like, cs:go, payday 2, saints row 3, on medium settings would I be able to run rust :o?

^ well I can play TF2 in medium-high settings, CS:GO in low settings… I dunno…


EDIT:To be more precise, you will run it, but it will run like shit, aka under 10fps average I’m guessing. Upgrade your PC or wait for some game optimizations to take place.

Man, why does Rust need PCs that need to run BF3 on max or something :P.

There is a lot of scripts/textures/animations in the game. They are not running in the most efficient way at the moment, and that is why you need a good PC to run this, I think. Once they optimize it, which will not happen anytime soon, you’ll be able to run it on lower grade PCs. But for now, we just have to deal with it.

I dont get it though… AAA games are mostly at its lowest of $50 so how would Rust be at that rate?

Stop expecting non-gaming computers to run games.

Because it’s not meant to run on older computers. AAA titles have optimization. They can be run on lower needs because they have a whole studio of devs optimizing.

Rust is still in testing. Optimization would be stupid at this point because nothing is final. If you want to play unstable betas you are going to need to buy a better computer. Not every beta is like minecraft.

Yeah but I create games on Unity 3D, and this game runs on browser?