Thoughts after 24 Hours of Gameplay

Hey everyone, I’m new to the forums and I’d like to start with my thoughts on the game so far.

First off, I’d like to say that this game is a $20 well spent. It’s simply amazing! And it’s only in Alpha! When I first started off in my caveman days, the sun was going down and I didn’t have the slightest clue as to what was going on. After getting use to some of the mechanics, I was able to build a campfire right as the pitch black darkness rolled in. Sitting next to a crackling campfire for the night made my emotions stir. Once the sun came up, I knew shelter was the next task at hand. It’s a simple yet enjoyable list of priorities right from the start.

The in-game community was friendly, believe it or not. I had several instances of running into other players who greeting me and gifted me with several items. I love the noob friendly atmosphere of the game. Later on, however, things played out differently. After building my house and gathering resources, I had several instances where players would raid my house. Fortunately, this isn’t the majority of the players (or at least the servers I was playing in).

Besides the good aspects that surround Rust, I still share some concerns. Mainly, the issue on cheating and players exploiting bugs. And with such a small developing team, I wonder how the developers will balance delivering new content and maintaining the game. I just pray this game does not suffer the same fate as the WarZ.

In short, Rust is on the right road. I will definitely recommend this game to my buddies.

Anyone else have any specific thoughts?

You have had a rather lucky start, most people get killed 10 times before they get a chance to do any of that stuff. lol

you’re very lucky, being greeted with items and shit… the only thing i always be greeted with are bullets in the skull, nice to see you’re having fun though!

Really? I mean, that was the case later on. But most people at first were fairly friendly.

Everyone I’ve ever run into while playing has attempted to kill me. Whether it was with their rock, or their M4, they all tried to kill me.