Thoughts on Dev Blog 85

These are simply my thoughts. It would be great if people posted their thoughts as well without feeling the need to challenge someone else’s. :class:

Love this. I’ve wished we could get hemp seeds for a LONG time now, and getting them in Rust too is going to be pretty nice :zing: I also think that weapons are WAY too common right now. The idea of your gun being your life-blood and requiring constant upkeep, instead of being 1/10 sitting at home in a box seems totally logical when its a scrapped together piece of shit made by a guy who barely knows what he’s doing. Love it!

For the love of god, this please. Anything to improve immersion and decrease ease of survival (in PvE) is an amazing step in a much needed direction.

When I first heard this was getting added I kinda wondered why something so low priority would be done, but seeing it in game I must say, I love it. Same for the sandbag decal and landmine effect. I agree that it needs more dirt but I still think it looks awesome.

On the same note of improved immersion, I love this development as well.

I’m VERY, VERY apprehensive about getting onboard with this NPC thing. Helicopters and Cargo Ships are fine because they are non-human and are somewhat believable. If this ‘scientist’ turns out to be some nutter that I trade materials for BP frags or something I may find myself going to servers without him. I will reserve my judgement tho as I literally know nothing about it.

As a final note, I think this patch was great in general and the fact that shelves and window replacements were pumped out so quickly is really admirable and redeeming IMO. Props and thanks to the team all around.

I thought Update 85 was well done, and well deployed. A breath of fresh air from the kind of updates we’ve come used to the last couple of weeks.

Keep this momentum going please.

Yeah I didn’t read anything in the dev blog o had an issue with. Some things kind of made me umm and ahh for a minute but I’m waiting to see how they are implemented. Not been in game to see anything this week yet but I’m excited to see good progress being made!

In another game (Warframe) they added this trader NPC a few months back. Seemed like cool idea, in practice it was weirdly immersion breaking. I think it would be much better that this “Scientist” remains a unseen/shadowy figure, whose presence is felt only indirectly.

(The other day I got murdered by a chopper on the way back from getting stuff from a supply drop. If I’d met the helo on the way to supply drop, it would have left me alone. Who the fuck is flying these things?)

I’m really curious about the scientist NPC, I loved the helicopter, this add something to the Rust atmosphere, something really mysterious, who are the guys in the chopper shooting at you ? Who is that scientist and what he’s going to do.

Rust background seems really interesting, I can’t wait to see that in action.

Yeah, the other day I spawned naked, grabbed some wood and cloth and crafted a bow, and then out of nowhere the chopper appeared and obliterated me! I thought that this was a bit OTT, I mean, what was I gonna do? Stand there naked and throw my bow at it?..

Edit: I think it should only target you if you are carrying guns or rocket launcher, that way you can farm in peace, and it only targets aggressors.

Well, I was carrying a gun I’d just snagged from the supply drop.

What the AC130 giveth, the Huey taketh away.

Think it should calculate a kind of threat level on a player based on :

  • number of player killed
  • number of resource accumulated
  • lifespan on the server since last killed
  • weapons obtained (maybe something like, if the player drop a weapon and put it in a chest, it count as a weapon the player owns)
  • property (number of cupboard authorized, items in the radius of this cupboard)

Well just random idea in order to avoid being killed with a bow and freshly spawned. But I agree it should focus player with a weapons in hand also, or even something funnier, told player with weapons in hand to drop them. Could be a more RP addition.

I just drop shit when I see it heading my way. You can hear it long before it sees you. Run to the nearest bit of cover And wait, if it comes close drop everything and stand there wagging your dick at it. It leaves before your items disappear usually