Thoughts on increased blood/gore?

Now I’m not for real life violence. I wanted to be an EMT, but upon looking at real life serious injuries (bones protruding, guts spilling, legitimately gruesome shit) I fainted. Literally.

That being said, I played the Fallout series quite a bit, and one of my favorite perks was Bloody Mess. (for those unfamiliar, it cranks up the likelihood of body parts being severed, whole bodies exploding into a million chunks and pieces from something small like a hammer hit or a pistol shot, really funny, over the top stuff.)

What I want to know, is in a game like rust, where there are hatchets and guns and explosives, there’s just a blood splat texture and that’s pretty much it. (I know it’s early alpha, I’m thinking about for future updates here) How do other people feel about there being increased gore in the game? Please vote and share your thoughts :slight_smile:

I voted no. but I don’t think you are sick or phychotic. I just don’t think this games needs it.

I just want to see peoples heads torn off from a shot to the head instead of stretching like 4 feet into the air.

My vote’s gotta be no. It’s not that it isn’t cool in some games, but in Rust it just doesn’t feel fitting, plus to program such a thing might not even be possible with the unity engine, though I don’t know for sure.

Voted yes would like to see more damage like bullet holes and blood from wounds but realistic not explode it to a million pieces.

E.G fallouts bloody mess perk

I just want to see more graphic like bullet holes and blood on the ground ,not like tf2

I’m fine with even that, I just want to see the damage that i’m dealing to players.

Engine is pretty irrelevant when it comes to blood and gore.

As long as you’ve got decals (which any decent engine has nowadays) and the ability to spawn new models or manipulate them somehow (there’s a *lot *of ways to go about it), it’s possible.

yes, insane violence relaxes:suicide:

I vote no. While yes it works well in some games (i.e. left 4 dead 2) it doesnt make a whole lot of sense for Rust. I wouldnt be against a bit more blood or some bulletholes but severed body parts and such seem a bit over the top for this game.

Obviously the point of Rust is not survival but rather seeing the tops of people’s heads blown off.

This is a dumb idea, why would we want to see that? If you’ve ever seen a dead person, it’s not a pretty sight and I have no idea why someone would want to see it in it’s full, awful detail. It’s cool in certain games, but this just isn’t the game, this is a survival game.

Ill vote no. I don’t like the idea…

I vote yes! I loved how in COD World At War you can shoot enemy’s arms off and blow their legs off with grenades. Really adds realism to the game.

Did you read my OP? I detailed exactly what you just criticized. If you don’t like it fine,
But there’s no need to bash.

I can assure you Unity is capable of that. But I agree, probably not something rust needs to that extent, but maybe a little bit more graphical after they fix the flaws in the game.

Would love to see a demonstration of it being done on Unity, that might be kind of cool to see. That being said, even if it were possible, I still just don’t feel that it would fit all that well in a game like rust.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to develop a demo. I don’t see why Unity is considered some sort of second rate game engine. It is surprisingly good, sure nothing in comparison to CryEngine or Unreal Engine as they have 2 of the best game development companies behind them. Maybe because a lot of indie games use Unity, and they are generally pretty shit, that Unity takes a hit because of it?

I never said it was second rate, in fact I know for a fact that it is an EXTREMELY flexible engine, but of course it still has limitations, and I made the assumption that such a thing would be outside those limitations. If you could put together a demo some time, that would be really cool just for proof of concept.

Funny how some people loved the “dick free” rust world but on the same time hate the blood and gore idea :C.

My opinion is that i dont really think it fits on rust at all. I honestly think it would turn this game in a “Kill game” instead of a survival. But if garry ever add more blood and gore to the game i honestly expect him to add an option to switch it off just like the naked command.