Thoughts on singleplayer gamemodes?

Let’s face it, almost all of the gamemodes available for GMod are multiplayer and require more than one person to play.

I was wondering what the communities thoughts on more singleplayer gamemodes? As I understand it, there’s a point and click-esque adventure gamemode being developed and it looks really promising.

Better than most multiplayer ones. We don’t get enough.

There has been made a single player only gamemode night of a million zombies (NOAMZ, Based on the map of same name. It included buckets of pretty blood. Bullet penetration, new HUD, post processing effects, SWEPS and one million zombies to go.

(Yes you can kill all of them :V)

A really nice adventure gamemode would be cool. Random events and shit would make it more interesting, and each time the map loads, somewhere randomly on the map traders are placed who trade goods. Maybe like bandits who raid areas or attack you as a random event. Im really just spitting out ideas now. Im gonna shut up.

I was working on a SP Guitar-Hero-esque gamemode at one point. Didn’t really take as I had no way of autogenerating beats.

I do enough solitary shit as it stands.

Single-player games tend to be more deep, but that’s not what I look to get out of gaming.

My “The Middle Ages” gamemode was meant to be singleplayer friendly, though a lot of features are better with more players. Contact me if you’re interested, and I’ll try and fix it up for you

I like to mess with the simulator junk in singleplayer. Like plants and animals that grow, spread, and die.

I would definitely like to see some singleplayer mods too. It could be fun.

I personally believe in games that can be played singleplayer or multiplayer. Like ReDead, or my Primal 2050 I’m working on.

I like when devs focus on single player for their game. Single player is usually what entices me to buy a game.