Thoughts on sleeping bags and how they work

To start with I’m “new” to Rust Experimental. I played legacy for quite some time months ago but eventually I put the game down for awhile to wait for changes. With all that said I’m not the most knowledgeable person on the new and improved Rust. To start I’ll say I love almost all the changes so far I’m seeing in experimental. The graphics look nice, the building is neat (I love all the different tiers) and different clothing options are sweet.

One thing I personally do not like however is how sleeping bags work. I just wanted to share my thoughts on these and see how the rest of you feel. For all I know this may be something they are only doing for right now and will not be how it works come launch.

Ok, so my main problem with sleeping bags is it does not seem like they have any kind of cool down. What I mean by this is that you can die over and over again and keep respawning in the same bag. Die 10 times in 3 minutes? No big deal, just spawn right back in the same bag.

I dislike this b/c in my opinion it ruins raiding other peoples bases when they are online. Say you and a friend find a base with someone working. Well you get the drop on him and you kill him. Doesn’t matter b/c he’ll be right back in under 10 seconds. Flip that situation and say they kill you. Doesn’t matter you have put a bag around a tree and are right back in their face in less then 10 seconds.

The way I remember it used to work was if I went across the map to raid someone and they killed me I’d spawn all the way back at my place and that person would know they were safe for the time being. Or if I killed them I’d know I had some time to try and break in. As it stands if you are online there is zero reason for someone to try and raid you, and there is zero reason for you to try and raid them.

To me with sleeping bags how they are it seems absolutely pointless to even try to kill someone unless you are both running around out in the middle of no where exploring.

What does everyone else think? There could be some very good reasons they have them set up this way that I am over looking. Just looking for other peoples thoughts on this and thanks!

I agree spawning right away is a little tedious for raiders, however for those…say ten minutes?..while the sleeping bag cools down, what im just supposed to do stare at a spawn screen?

No man not at all. If your bag is on cool down you can spawn but you just get spawned somewhere randomly like you do when you first enter a server.

This is how it used to work in Legacy and it was much more fun in my opinion. It actually made long treks to other peoples bases mean something. Sure you could go and try to raid them but it was very dangerous. If they killed you you’d have to start the run all over again.

For the record I don’t believe the cool down was 10 minutes either. I think it was more like 3. Basically just enough to where people can’t constantly spawn every 10 seconds. It’s just a pain in the ass and adds nothing to the game.

Just yesterday some fool dropped a few bags around different areas at my base. I’d kill him but for almost an hour I couldn’t do anything as he just constantly respawned and came running in naked with a rock swinging away.

If they decide to keep sleeping bags in game, chances are they will implement a cool-down on sleeping bags similar to what existed in legacy.