thoughts on small things in game

hi guys! first post here :slight_smile:

i have a few thoughts on small stuff in rust that i feel is unbalanced and can be corrected a bit better.
First off, i want to mention the new pillar idea from devblog 85. the pillar fix is valid; people, including myself, didn’t like the pillars being hard to upgrade once walls were placed. BUT, i think there is a better fix than just placing pillars in the center.
the pillars in the center cause a number of problems. For instance, when i open a door from the inside, the door swings inside and you can only enter/exit through the right side. the door blocks the left side completely. it also makes it a pain to navigate a base
with the pillars in the center of the foundations.

My proposed fix for this would make it easier on the players, maybe not so on the devs.
to fix this, maybe try just removing a small bit of wall for the pillar to show through so that the pillar can be upgraded inbetween a wall. or, just make the pillars a bit bigger. i believe this will solve this problem.
at least then the pillars won’t be in the way when you are trying to navigate the base and run smack into a pillar.

next, i want to talk about the cloth situation.
Currently, when you are gathering animal materials, cloth is the least given item from an animal. you get tons of leather (which isn’t needed all that much) and tons of fat and meat and bone frags (which is fine), but when it comes to cloth, you just don’t get enough.
by the end of the day, you are completely out of cloth, and have loads of the other stuff floating around. i think cloth needs to be rebalanced; either lessen the amount of other stuff you get from an animal, or increase the amount of cloth received from the animals.

my thoughts on everything else:

i love what you guys are doing to the game. its becoming better and better with each update. its just the pillars and cloth that are getting on my nerves :slight_smile:

keep up the awesome work!


Cloth? You run out of cloth? Run around the desert and hit E on every hemp plant you see and you can make a compound of quarries and still have tons of cloth at the end.

To find animal fat is a bigger problem than cloth unless you find a few boars. Suiciding for aimal fat over and over again doesn’t feel right.

Why do you need animal fat? Oil spawns at lighthouses, airfields and the dome.

What shall I do with crude oil if I don’t even have a furnace in my starterbase? Sure I could try to cook some fuel up at the dome and hangar but most of the time I will get killed there because those are most of the time camped by geared groups.

I believe the dome has a refinery, just as the airfeild has a bp station and a repair station. The idea is that if you’re in the forest there is lots of animals mucking about. It also can depend on the seed of your map. 4000 might be best for population but 6000 - 8000 can get pretty sparce if you not in the forest, although I’ve had luck before with horses in the winter biomes on 6000 seed maps. Its a shit job but once you het a refinery its just a matter of farming the dome and airfield for fuel.

Yeah, fuel isn’t an issue. 1 bear is basically 2 small furnaces.

Oh please hunting isnt that hard.

BTT: I like the suggestion of making walls a little less wide to be able to upgrade the pillars. But on the other hand, I doubt if this was the real reason why they were removed.

I was just comparing cloth and animal fat and you clearly get tons of cloth in a couple minutes.

that’s because it’s exploiting;)

You can also get tons of wood in a couple of minutes if you want to and you can also hunt some animals in a few minutes. What’s the point? I wouldn`t bother complaining about too little animal fat because somehow I’m running into enough animals by chance to get my shit going.

Generally, I would agree. But I spent 30 minutes running around last night and didn’t find a single animal. I needed a furnace to finish off my fledgling base. I finally gave up and just left it with a wooden door and key lock. Hopefully it’ll still be there when I log on today or tomorrow…