thoughts on the bolt action

1)very ammo efficient
2)high power(can 1 shot zombies and players with head shot)
3)looks bad ass
1)quite rare but not too hard to get
2)expensive but by that stage of the game it should be easy to craft
3)has allot of swaying so can be hard to headshot
4)high reload time and long time between shots
how to use it:
I would highly recommend bringing an m4 or mp5. I personally surprise people with the bolt action and if i miss my first shot i just go straight in with the m4. Another strategy is to put a silencer on it and just hide in the mountains while killing people from above(this strategy is not as effective due to the damage loss.Finally you can use the bolt action to chase down people when they are trying to run however be careful because if you miss they can easily gain allot of ground and escape.

-please dont rage on me,one of my first posts…