Thoughts on the new GUI?

I think it looks great. Looks like it scales well so far too, so players who rock 1920x1080p won’t have to squint to see text/menus. Also the tab function for crafting looks neat.


(Also, are those sunlight orbs/lens dust particles I see? Could this possibly mean more graphic effects implemented soon? :DDD)

I hope they plan on adding the grid back in some way. I also hope they add a way to control the size instead of only scaling it. I would prefer the grid take up less space so I can see who is coming at me while I am in menu.

Legible text! That’s not cool man, now people who don’t sit 2’ away from a 42" screen will be able to read!

All jokes aside, I’m hoping for a number of significant changes other than just legible text, some uniformity would be nice (why are wooden and metal doors under Survival instead of building materials, why is a stone hatchet under survival but a pickaxe is under weapons?). I’m also curious, now that we’ll be able to craft with a container open can we craft with the contents of that container?

perhaps a scaling tool/opacity bar? I agree that it’d be good to be able to control size more consisely to contend with other players.

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Agreed! :dance: and I hope so about the containercraft part, that’d save some drag and drop time! Also, how do you feel about the prospect of a, “shift click,” or, “double click,” to quick transfer items from loot/containers to inventory?

Simple is always better… looks far too blocky and far too big.

It’s better than what we have but it looks a bit blocky and too plain at the moment. I’ll reserve judgement until it’s finished though.

I want to be able to make a bow for only 5 wood…

How bout them lens effects though? Any other graphics-enthusiasts stoked about the potential for more visual effects in the future? Longer reaching godrays, chroma-rings, lens flares, lens particles, ghost streaks, I love me a pretty sun.

Scaling is the one thing I want with the menu.