Pretty new to the game and really enjoy it. It’s now my favorite game to play! Really can’t wait to see what the final product has to offer. Here are my thoughts on some things that are already and or probably in works.

1: Furnace provide the player heat when it’s cold.
2: Can’t wait for the doors to be accessible for more then 1 player, however requiring a code might get you killed when you need to get in quick, maybe add people through a friends list?
3: Next to zero security of buildings, starting to feel they are not worth the time to make. Only protect you from players just starting.
4: Being able to tame animals for transportation would be great however also would be almost pointless till buildings can be secure. Shoot while riding would be nice.
5: Being able to use stars as coordinates.
6: More usable area on the map and maybe adjustable map sizes for servers using different capacities.
7: Build down, would be nice to be able to dig. Make trenches with spikes, a basement for your building and such.
8: Build with stone.
9: More of a sand box building design rather then pre made parts.

These are just some idea’s and might not all be good but there they are.

Can’t wait till DDOS is not longer an issue.

1: Will be added
2: Will be added
3: What?
4: No. Just… no.
5: Already suggested, will most likely be added
6: Map will be expanded
7: Sounds interesting but how deep are we talking?
8: I think we should stick to wood and metal for the time being
9: No, Rust is not Minecraft with graphics.

  1. Camp fire is VERY low on resource necessity, just make one of those. Cook some food while you’re at it.
  2. God dammit not this again… this is coming.
  3. No. The idea of buildings are to protect you when you log off. Horrible idea.
  4. No.
  5. Has been suggested, like the idea, seems cool.
  6. Coming
  7. Not coming, not voxel terrain.
  8. Hinted at by Helk
  9. Stupid and time-consuming.
  1. Furnace should remove Cold but not provide Comfort
  2. I like the code idea they’re going with, would rather have that implemented and it sounds much easier to implement.
  3. Agree, would like to see c4 removed entirely or become much rarer, hopefully this changes as the game evolves.
  4. War pigs, yes.
  5. Would be nice once resources are dynamic across the whole map, currently I use the road to know where I am.
  6. This should be solved with dynamic resource spawns.
  7. Would love to dig and tunnel.
  8. Sure, it makes sense.
  9. Eh, I think it is pretty sandbox right now, would like to see more parts like half-walls and more accessories (torches, barbed wire, traps).

1: Good idea, it’s logical. If logic is good enough for a Vulcan, it’s good enough for me. :slight_smile:
2: Another good idea, some kind of friend/alliance system would really need to be implemented first, to do this justice.
3: I store all my valuable in hidden areas. The only problem is I have to constantly replace the containers down as they disappear. Since I used this strategy, I’ve not lost any loot. I’m only using a house to lure bandits. Bandits have little patience, they’ll chase something which stands out as an easy kill. We’ve been setting up bandit traps rather successfully.
4: I don’t think the animal would be alive long enough to make it a viable transport solution. Look at how quick people are to kill an unarmed naked man who just spawned in. If weapons were made more primitive like they seem to be planning, you could escape to a point shooting at such a vast distance is only a waste of ammo.
5: The sun can already do this to some degree. I never get lost now, when I respawn, I can generally guess where I am within 5 or so minutes max.
6: Couldn’t agree more, no doubt it’s already planned.
7: The engine isn’t really this dynamic, doing so would only degrade performance further. Could you imagine bandits which dig, perhaps even right under your house so you couldn’t get to it.