So I’ve been a large fan of this game, ever since its release. And I’ve got a few ideas that I think would enhance the game deeply.

  1. Traceable footprints in snowy/sandy environments? For both hunting animals and players.
  2. Dye (harvested from plants) so that in factions you don’t all have to take your pants off to identify each other, a very natural/common technique (or other articles of clothing of course)
  3. Fishing; food for you, bait for bears.
  4. Poison, for arrows, to taint food perhaps, etc.
  5. Traps, in particular, point A is the action, point B is the endpoint of the trigger (string), this can include C4 explosion, shooting a flare in the sky (to prevent raids), etc.
  6. Hunting blinds!
  7. Safes, rigged with a lock; destroyed drops only a % of the contents
  8. GPS, we’ve all wanted one, most of the communities at least once used some website to locate themselves, save us the time of alt tabbing
  9. Smoke grenades. They’re actually very easy to make in real life and in a survival situation with a container and cloth and animal fat, and great for signaling allies or aiding in raids.
  10. Signs!
    11… to be continued

most of them will be in or are already in.

but the Dye and the smoke grenades are a good idea

I’m going to get everyone to dye their clothes green and form a Grove Street gang. Anyone wearing purple - KOS.